Silver is now 

a Swedish Champion!!!




~ Updates ~









Today Silver became a father to 8 puppies (u: Let's Run Lindy Hop, "Rut") at kennel Mad about Saffron, 5 boys and 3 girls. :)))

We are very proud and send our heartfelt congratulations to Lina Nowak and Rut at kennel Mad about Saffron and to the future owners of the lovely puppies. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ + ♥ ♥ ♥


The Swedish Whippet club Vilsta. Judge: Ann Beckett-Bradshaw (knl Hutaka, UK).

Silver - EXC/2 CQ in open class and... A NEW SWEDISH CHAMPION!!!!! 

A newly crowned Champion... now known as SE UCH Mac Bells Hot As Blue Blazes :)))))


At the same show Silver's daughter "Manda", Dog Power's Merope Af Plejaderna, made her second appearance in the showring and ended up as Best Bitch-4 from an entry of 71 bitches!!! :)))



Silver ♥ Rut 

(Mac Bells Hot As Blue Blazes x Let's Run Lindy Hop)

Hopefully there will be puppies in the end of april. :) For more information please



Happy 1st Birthday to all of Silver's children from kennel Dog Powers! :))

Photo from one year ago when Silver was watching puppy pictures on the computer. ;)))


Today Silver's daughter Whiteheads Silver Girl, "Fonia", was at the CACIB Show in Rzeszow (Poland) with super results - outstandingly promising, best baby of breed - under judge Marta Heine (Germany), and BIS baby 3 - Robert Blümel (Austria). What a debut! :)) Big congratulations to owner Ula Wirska and breeder Gosia Bialoglowy (kennel Whiteheads)! Me and daddy Silver is so proud! ♥ :)))

"Fonia", Whiteheads Silver Girl, 4½ months old. 


*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*



Nordic winner show in Stockholm 2011-12-11. Judge: Joan Goldstein (USA).

Jisco - EXC/2 CQ in working class


Silver - EXC/1 CQ in open class Best Dog-3 & CAC!!! :)))


...and both my darling boys in the same picture during the Best Dog competition. ♥ :))



♫♪ Hipp hipp hurraaaay!!! Because it's Jisco's 4th birthday todaaaay!!! ♪♫



The Swedish Whippet clubs show in Vingåker. Judge: Henrik Härling (knl Play A While, Sweden).

Silver - EXC/2 CQ in open class


Silver is now a proud father of 3+6 puppies in Poland! :))


I got this lovely little videoclip of Silver's future puppies at kennel Whiteheads. I wonder what they are up to in there... maybe a party?! ;) Thanks for the clip Ula! :)





I've done som changes on the site.

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~ Instead of the blog I have moved my contact details from "Hem / Home" to that page... and consequently changed the name too. ;)

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Time for a major update!

We have been to a couple of shows with various results. I will try to sum it up for you.


2011-06-18 & 19: This weekend we went to Tånga Hed where there was a Sighthound Specialty one day and a Whippet Club Specialty the next day. 

18/6 - Judge: Birte Nöding (Knl Betty Barkley, Germany).

Silver - EXC/2 CQ in intermediate class

19/6 - Judge: Veronika Kucerova Chrpova (Knl z Úplňku, Czech Republic)

Silver - EXC/1 in intermediate class


2011-06-24 The Whippet Clubs open show in Norrköping. Judge: Marie Eriksson (Knl Pompecas, Sweden)

Silver - EXC/1 CQ in intermediate class & BOS-Intermediate


2011-07-09: The Whippet Clubs open show in Kalmar. Judge: Lena Hjalmarsson (Knl Carmodey, Sweden)


Silver - EXC/1 CQ in open class, Best Male & BOB/Best In Show!


2011-07-21 The Swedish Whippet Clubs National Specialty in Eskilstuna. Judge: Hanne-Berit Husby (Knl Terra Whisetta, Norway)

Photo: Michaela Olsson

Jisco - EXC/5 in working class

Photo: Anita Sandqvist

Silver - EXC/"6" CQ (He was the only one not placed that got a CQ) in a BIG open class with 26 dogs


2011-07-24 Sighthound Specialty "Skokloster Summer Show" at Lövudden. Judge: Nicola Warner (Knl Savuka, Great Britain)

Silver - EXC/1 CQ in a BIG open class with 19 dogs


2011-08-20 The Swedish Kennel Clubs show in Eskilstuna. Judge: Ann-Christin Johansson

Silver - EXC/2 CQ in open class & Best Male 4


And last but not least... Silver had a date with the lovely Moja (Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE) in the beginning of july and now an ultrasound test has confirmed that there will be puppies at kennel Whiteheads in september! :))




This last weekend we went to The Swedish Whippet clubs speciality show in Forshaga with some excellent results. 

Jisco was second in working class and Silver ended up as second best male and BOS-Youngster!! :)

Judge: Michael Vikström (Knl Twyborn)


Thanks to Elin Rose ( for the photos! :)


Jisco in working class 



Best male line-up

1. Ch Bokellas Rubeus Hagrid  2. Mac Bells Hot As Blue Blazes  3. Zelig Viva La Bam  4. Airescot Dark Magician  R. Rhetsgis Humphrey Bogart


Some showresults...

2011-03-27 Sighthound specialty in Strängnäs. Breed judge: Bart Sheerens (knl Boxing Helena). BIS-judge: Åke Cronander (knl Albicans)

Silver: EXC/1, CQ, BOB-Youngster & BIS3-Youngster :))

 Photo: Jörgen Oinonen


2011-04-02 Whippet club special in Vilsta, Eskilstuna. Judge: Tina Permo (knl Per-Mobile)

Jisco and Silver entered and both got Excellent. :) 


Silver and Mayas puppies at kennel Dog Power's is now 4 weeks old.

You can see some new pictures of them at this page. 


The puppies are finally here!!!

Silver is now the proud father of 1 male and 6 females at kennel Dog Power's! They were born yesterday evening and both mother and puppies are doing fine! :))) 

I have written the different sex of the puppies in swedish but a simple translation is:

Tik 1-6 = Female 1-6

Hanen = The male



More exciting plans...

This upcoming spring Silver will get a visit from a cute bitch from Poland. :) 

For inquiries please contact kennel Whiteheads

Moja (PL CH Whiteheads Be My Sunshine)




It's been 7 weeks since Silver and Maya (Dog Power's Chardonnay) had their "date" and she is definately in whelp! :)

For inquiries please contact kennel Dog Power's.

Photo: Dog Power's




Now it's official. Silver is Sweden's TOP MALE DEBUTANT 2010!!! He is also #8 of ALL males! :)



Silver has mated Maya (Dog Power's Chardonnay) at kennel Dog Powers. Puppies expected in the end of february.

Link to testmating at TWA: Click here

Beautiful Maya



SKK INT "Sthlm HUNDmässa". Judge: Lee Pieterse (Knl Statuesque, AUS)

Silver - Ukk 1 CK BH-4 CERT / EXC-1 CQ intermediate class BM-4 CAC

Jisco - Bkk 1 CK / EXC-1 CQ working class



Swedish Whippet Club show. Judge: Annika Jansson (Knl Hot Isle)

Silver - Ukk 2 UK BH-5 / EXC-2 intermediate class BM-5


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